It’s natural for you to be nervous about having oral surgery however in our office there is no need to fret. You’ll get the utmost in care when it comes to all types of procedures, and suffer minimum discomfort during and after. Oral surgeons perform simple extractions but also treat more complex issues related to the teeth, mouth, jaws, and surrounding facial structures, possibly caused by trauma or infection. Whatever your dental need, the oral surgeons at Cookeville Regional Dental use the most up-to-date, clinically proven procedures to ensure safety, minimize discomfort, and maximize outcomes. You’ll remain in our care until you are ready to go, and receive thorough instructions and follow up care to heal perfectly and quickly. It’s important to resume general dental care a few days after surgery. Your dental team will be there with you every step of the way! Through intensive clinical study our oral surgeons are well qualified to provide the competent state of the art care you seek.

Procedures include:

  •   Periodontal bone graft
  •   Bone regeneration
  •   Crown lengthening
  •   Wisdom tooth care and extraction
  •   Tooth extractions